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In 2014, it says that £2.3 billion was spent using contactless cards, of which only £153,000 was fraudulent.At less than a penny for every £100 spent, the rate of contactless fraud is one tenth of that for credit and debit cards as a whole — though that is bound to rise as criminals get to grips with the possibilities.In November 2013, about a year after its successful launch in the U.S., the dating app Tinder held a lavish party at the Cirque du Soir nightclub in London’s West End to herald its arrival in the UK. S.-based culture wars warrior but true to form, hears the provocateur caused trouble by stealing a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal champagne that would otherwise have cost him a thousand pounds to buy at the club and running out of the party.

Notionally, the biggest single transaction a thief can make on your contactless card if you lose it is £20 - the automatic limit placed on contactless purchases, which is set to rise to £30 in September. researchers managed to buy a £3,000 TV set using one of the cards.

Transport for London, too, was inundated with complaints when it started to allow payments from contactless cards on trains and buses last year.

The cards clashed with the Oyster cards carried in the same wallet.

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It looks like any other credit or debit card, but contains a tiny radio receiver which - when it is waved within a couple of inches of a ticket machine or terminal at a shop checkout - can be used to make a payment. magazine last week demonstrated how thieves can exploit the technology to skim enough information from our cards to make large purchases without us even being aware of it (file picture)There are plenty of ways I wish my day-to-day life could be made more efficient: I wish the council would remove the bus lanes that jam the traffic into my nearest town; I would love it if it didn’t take five minutes to boot-up my computer; or if I could find an electrician who could come at the drop of hat, rather than leaving me waiting in the dark for several hours.

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