Oblivion goranga dating system v1 01


If you promote the restaurant to them, you will use other potential customers. You can check in your inventory how much Goranga steaks you gave. Behind the bar you have Goranga chest with food and drink inside. You don't need Shivering Isles expansion, textures or meshes. Thanks for making it available for male characters too! Can you make a version in which we can date female NPCs as well? To dressy You can be any player and date anyone you like with this mod.Incompatible with Ferretmyster's Oblivion Artifacts Overhaul, but if you want to use both for some reason, load one of a Kind Weapons after Oblivion Artifacts Overhaul, and you can retain some of the changes OAO makes.

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Requirements============Oblivion Version 1.2.0416 Installation Instructions====================Copy contents into your Oblivion data folder Uninstallation Instructions=======================Delete the esp, meshes, and textures Incompatibility=============Technically compatible with Ironman5000's Immersive Weapons mod, but does clash stylistically, in that Immersive Weapons adds as generic weapons what this mod adds as unique replacers for vanilla ones. Incompatible with Naihaan's Deceiver's Finery Replacer, but so long as that mod is loaded after this one, you can use Deceiver's Finery Replacer while still getting everything else that this mod offers.

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She has some packages to spend her daytime in the public locations talking with other NPCs and eating in the taverns.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GORANGA RESTAURANT JOB by Goranga~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Description:~~~~~~~~~~~~Jobs in Oblivion are more adventures rather than real jobs. Universal silent voice (without it dialogs will run very fast) Promotion of the restaurant~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1. Like any restaurant, The Merchants Inn restaurant needs some promotion and marketing.

If you want to use read after "OCSS.esp""OCSS Better Mishaxhi"Mishaxhi change to Tsaesci race.

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