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The retired general has been offered the role of national security advisor, a transition official told CNN Thursday.

The younger Flynn serves as his father's chief of staff and top aide, attending events alongside his father and working for his father's consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group.

We also offer a "Wedding Stone" -- a more elaborately carved and realistic artisanal piece with the same magical intention.

1" x 1 1/2", Hand-Carved Munaiwarmi White Soapstone, stylized.

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It was unreal to think I had actually been selected.

It was an honor just to be considered for this ultimate degree and I had actually been selected, chosen by that small and powerful group, the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree. In talking with her, I surprised myself by asking her if she thought I should accept it "What a strange thing to ask her," I thought.

Even the doctor was no longer speaking much to me about the Lord, for I wasn't seeing him regularly.

It seemed strange, from my point of view, for all the people around me seemed calm.

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