Old lady chat tube


When I’m in a good mood I’ll sometimes chat to people on the train but never the Tube.

As I wait on the platform at Paddington I get butterflies.

I know, that's what I was thinking, it's like if you masturbate then there must be something wrong in the bedroom which is far from the truth, it's just nice to make the most of quiet time for me, just chill out and have a nice **** 😊 For women it's a different kind of pleasure though.

Lady Gaga dropped by the Fox Sports studio to chat about her upcoming half-time performance for the 2017 Super Bowl and how she reacted when she first heard the news that she'd gotten the gig.

But what if the love of your life isn’t on Tinder or Facebook, but opposite you on the Circle line?

I know when I masturbate I will have a clit orgasm.

They're like, we had that one party and now it's all over.""Circle Line fans make extensive plans for holidays they secretly know they will never take.""I think they maybe wear fedoras to festivals.""People on the Circle Line are the most flustered.

They live their lives in a permanent state of fluster.""They don't really know or trust London, so spend their lives whizzing around the outskirts like paranoid electrons.""I feel like District Line fans are people without hope.""People who like the District Line probably really value getting phone signal, and having plenty of time to read.""They're well into podcasts.""They're people who like to have an excuse for why they were late to work.""The District Line is full of people whose dads are richer than your dad. Always.""Or old ladies who are not in a hurry.""Probably just on the Tube for a chat.""People who love the Piccadilly Line crave human contact so desperately that they wait for rush hour to travel.""Probably the same people who think shampoo and deodorant are unnecessary.

Well it’s a blessing of God who give 11 baby boys to one woman. Wikipedia’s list of multiple births records only two instances of nonuplets (nine children born at once to the same mother), none of whom survived more than a few days, so the news of a woman’s giving birth to eleven healthy children at once (all of them boys) would be remarkable indeed.

The article referenced above, which claims an Indian woman delivered eleven living children at the same time, is not such news, however.

Some interesting responses on here, I know personally that my oh satisfies me sexually, we are very active, but masturbation is still just a nice enjoyable extra, its not a case of needing it or not getting enough, just extra. I masturbate once a week and my partner once or twice a week.

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