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Instead of pulling blog posts and news articles, the reader aggregates updates from your friends’ profiles.This brings me to the most important point of all: Facebook is educating the masses about web 2.0 without them even knowing.And since my divorce, I’ve taken time to be sort of a free spirit, just dating people for fun and connection and all the corny things my readers ask me to pay attention to, as they explain how the farmer is not right for me, and how the 25-year-old is not right either, and that the alcoholic private equity guy is an alcoholic. I immediately thought she must be a good hire because she dated Matt. I found myself doing stuff like talking with him all day via IM and text and email and the phone. ” Then I died as I realized he is my freelance sales guy who lives in the same area code as D. He pointed out the obvious: I will probably not get more sane. And then I got happy that he is stable and calm and largely unshakable, when I am often shaking as much as I can.So that even though he lives very far from me, it felt like he was sort of everywhere, all the time. And then I tell myself that I have to admit that I'm dating him.

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Using web 2.0 sites webmasters can improve SEO and build high pr quality backlinks.The guy I'm sort of dating asks me, “Do you know Glenda Bautista? They do cool stuff, meet cool people, and how can you not think Matt is great? Who knows what he's like to date, but he's a great online brand. And I have talked with this guy I'm sort of dating, D, a lot since then.” I say, “No.” He says, “We're trying to hire her.” So I check out her blog and dis her and he says, “She was dating Matt Mullenweg.” I say, “Really.” He says, “Yeah. But I am not saying that he's my boyfriend because maybe I want my boyfriend to have as big a brand as Matt. I have to call you back in maybe ten years.” That was the first thing. Chances are they’ll think you’re speaking another language. Ask anyone on the street about RSS, widgets, APIs, or wikis and you’ll get a blank face.Web 2.0 can be described in three parts (RIA) rich internet application, (WOA) web oriented architecture and social web.

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