Outlook meeting schedule updating


You may want to do this if you are changing the type of Web Ex meeting; for example, if you originally scheduled a Web Ex meeting and want to change it to a Personal Room meeting.

Programmatically, Outlook sets the named property dispid Meeting Type of a meeting request to identify the current update status. In/Out Status Board features directly into the Outlook interface so you can continue to manage all of your information using a common interface.Employees can perform a status message update when they leave the desk for any reason, such as lunch or a meeting.Once you edit a scheduled meeting, integration to Outlook sends an updated meeting invitation to any attendees whom you invited to the meeting and also updates the meeting information on your Web Ex site.Every week on: [Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday] If you schedule a meeting that repeats every X week, where X is greater than 1, in Microsoft Outlook, the meeting is scheduled in Outlook as you specified, but appears as a weekly meeting on your Web Ex site. Outlook supports setting up delegates who can respond to meeting requests on behalf of the principal recipient.

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