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I have been on and off this website since 04-05, and have met guys thru here, eharmony and the old fashioned way.

Scamming unsuspecting lovers via dating sites is not uncommon, but people can usually spot a fake profile from a mile away.

Compromising legitimate profiles is a much smarter, albeit more insidious, way to go.

Every year, for the past six years, I face the same conundrum in the run-up to New Year’s Eve: Spend this festive holiday without my husband or spend it with him at a five-hour Phish concert.

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MORE: 10 Best Dating Apps The scripts themselves run fairly standard phishing scams.

Once the fraudsters have gathered enough sympathy and trust from a victim, they will exploit this by claiming they need money to pay for travel costs, or to afford medical treatment for a family member.

After the money has been stolen, the criminals will make up further reasons why they need more money.

It is likely that the criminals who steal accounts on these sites will go on to use them to commit online dating fraud — many dating sites only allow messages to be exchanged with other users after a subscription fee has been paid; by compromising existing paid accounts, the fraudsters can reduce their traceability by avoiding the need to make payments.

Online dating fraud is often orchestrated by criminal gangs who use fake profiles to trick victims into developing long distance relationships.

A new wave of phishing attacks across some of the largest dating sites on the Web make it very simple to compromise your login credentials and let your profile fall into the hands of scammers.

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