Qprogressdialog not updating validating game files

I'm using a QProgress Dialog with the limits (0, 0) to show something during a sqlite query and preparing the results to show.

The QProgress Dialog window stays in blank all the time, not matter if the process took 1 second or minute.

I'm rather inexperienced with GUIs and threads and I was wondering if anyone could just point me in the right direction, ie what Qt classes should I be looking at using for this.

I'd guess I need a QThread object but I've been looking through the QProgress Bar documentation but it doesn't bring up the topic of threading.

The update Preview() method crashes the application.

I found out, that in my slot, connected to QPrint Preview Dialog::paint Requested() signal, there are 2 constructions, which causes the problem. You can find more details here The second one uses QProgress Dialog::set Value(int) method. It's really strange, because when QPrint Preview Dialog is shown at the first time, the mentioned slot works properly, but when update Preview method is called in already shown dialog, the problem occurs.

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Qt Concurrent::run()/QFuture appears to almost but not-quite have everything there but if it is not the Qt method for such a basic task, what in general is the best Qt way of doing a worker thread with progress and cancellation?My code is something like: Reading other post I have seen that in cases of a long during process is better to use another thread instead of the main one. Can I block the program during the process so the user can't interact with it when using another thread?As far as I understand, at least the title should appear before going into the blocking part.And dare the Captain admit he enjoys writing for you honyakers and conversing with you as it is a guaranteed rate of return?Working a couple more hours at work, is a guaranteed rate of return.Perhaps the UI operations are cached and need some extra help.

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