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Aerial views of route N4 between My Tho and Cai Lay with villages. Aerial views of the Oriental River (Song Van Co Dong) at Ben Luc; Can Giuoc District. Shows country road sabotaged by guerrillas, and also some hamlets occupied by guerrillas. Airport ceremonies for Vietnamese flyers who participated in Dong Hoi raid; Saigon. American aircraft on Tan Son Nhut airfield; Saigon. Photo/Video: Denise Blostein/The Wall Street Journal In the Tele ICU section, critical-care doctors sit at oversize video monitors that continually collect data on every far-flung ICU patient and can spot signs of imminent trouble.If a patient needs attention, Mercy physicians can zoom in via two-way camera—close enough to read the tiny print on an IV bag.Patients, meanwhile, are using new devices to relay their blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs to their doctors so they can manage chronic conditions at home.

They’re also consulting with each other electronically—sometimes to make split-second decisions on heart attacks and strokes.

Please distribute the Lumberjacks GROW instruction sheet to your student employees, and let us know if we can provide support or help in any way.

The Lumberjacks GROW instructions sheet can be found here.

The assessment program involves a short survey and a virtual mock interview, which gathers information on the student's experience as an employee in five key areas: teamwork, communication, influence, decision making, and organization.

The virtual mock interview, completed through Interview Stream, provides the student the chance to answer commonly asked interview questions that require them to articulate the skills they are gaining that can be translated into their careers.

After years of big promises, telemedicine is finally living up to its potential.

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