Sartorialist garance dating


That's what I was wondering, I can't find any mention of a divorce online, and it seems he was still talking about his wife just months ago.

In basically identical statements they released today on their respective blogs, the couple said: Once called “one of fashion’s most precious modern-day love stories”, for the past 7 years they were considered the quiet royal couple of fashion and street style blogging.

‘In New York, the girls want to be perfectly manicured and de-haired.

English girls love to find the most awkward thing and challenge concepts of beauty.’ A diminutive and somewhat shy Midwesterner, Schuman first started photographing stylish people in 2005 and has gone on to pioneer a genre that combines reportage with a fashion editor’s eye and an upstart sensibility.

When Walton isn't having her picture taken, she's perched on the sidelines, doodling in her notebook all the best looks she just saw on the runway.

Occupation: Fashion director at The Sartorialist, illustrator.

Its success has allowed Schuman, 47, to work for , marks ten years in the business.

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