Sex cam capouls intimidating looking people


In case the title didn’t warn you, Channel 4’s new documentary series Sex Diaries is not something you’ll want to watch with your parents around. Channel 4 excel at making moderately explicit sex-based documentaries that tackle the unusual practices of ordinary people, and Sex Diaries continues in that vein.

In Episode 1, it’s all about ‘webcam couples’ – your average neighbourhood ‘performers’, who broadcast their sex lives (and sometimes just themselves washing the dishes) on the internet for paying customers.

Coventry University want to film couples between 18 and 25, having sex.

The films are going to be ‘tastefully shot’ and will show real couples, really getting it on.

As well as videos of people getting busy, there’ll also be other clips which instruct on putting condoms on in a way that will ‘increase pleasure.’ Raunchy.

Most people have heard the famous saying ‘get a room.’ Now, due to the actions of cybercriminals, the phrase is taking on a more modern meaning that has got quite a few people worried that they may be the next viral internet sensation. While most people are aware that hackers can use malware to take over a laptop or PC webcam, they may not realise that hackers have been discovered hacking Smart TVs in order to get footage of couples having sex on the sofa.

Filmmaker Charlie Russell gives a brilliantly sensitive and non-judgmental account of his subjects, gently questioning what effect the pressure and lifestyle of being webcam stars has on the couples, and what – aside from money – they get out of it.

With a Louis Theroux-ish penchant for understated humour (“I wasn’t quite sure what I was letting myself in for.

When people sign up to the project they get access to the films, as long as they’re over 18.

People who sign up to get tested can also order a free variety 12 pack of different condoms and a headphones case with a secret condom pocket.

Not only that, but the masks are so small that you can see most of their faces anyway.

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