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While the conversation started with the practical aspects of fur farming, it inevitably drifted towards ethics.I got the sense these were two people who were very proud of their work, regardless of how controversial it may be.Some are women whose partners have fertility issues, but the majority are lesbians or — and this is the fastest-growing type of client — single women in their 30s and 40s who do not see why a lack of partner should be a barrier to motherhood.As documentary maker Sue Bourne puts it: ‘The Danes are famous for exporting beer, bacon, Lego — and now sperm.

Meanwhile, ferry operator Scandlines announced that only passengers travelling by car would be allowed to board ferries between Rodby and Puttgarden in Germany.

One woman has spent £75,000 ‘and stopped counting after that’.

Yet the Cryos clinic (motto: ‘Congratulations, it’s a Viking’) has been running for 25 years and boasts 30,000 babies born worldwide.

Her vision of the future is vivid, but poignant, because Jemma isn’t pregnant and does not have a partner.

She is one of the thousands of British women who are pinning their hopes on having a Viking baby, thanks to Danish sperm banks.

Sander Jacobsen, director of Public Affairs for Kopenhagen Fur, the auctioning cooperative owned and managed by Danish Fur Breeders’ Association, wrote in an email that: “…

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