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Legend also has it that the Devil can mark the witch's eye in various ways: with horns, or by making it empty, or with two pupils.

Some traditions say that witches have two pupils in the left eye and deer horns in the right one.

The drawings of animals on cave walls show it clearly.

The giant cave bear, for instance, was considered the Master of Animals.

Dangerous animals, such as the saber tooth tiger, the woolly rhinoceros, or the mammoth, could only be conquered, or avoided, by magic and ritual.

Magic (or Witchcraft) is the power to effect change by magical means.

Magic can often be split into dark and light, though depending on the situation can also be neutral.

Imagine talking cats, killer trees, flowers that make you fly and lambs that grow inside fruit.

Tales of plants and animals that have served witches can fill an entire book.

Horne was showing signs of senility, and her daughter had a deformity of her hands and feet.

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