When I first came to this site I didn't think that I would meet anyone that I would become really close friends with but I actually have made some friends that I still keep in touch with to this day. Well I guess my favorite room and that always keeps me laughing would have to be the prep room just because of all the posers, lol, but i cant say it isnt worth my time, so if your ever in the Prep room be sure to talk to me. When your bored and have nothing to do you can come on here and meet new people , ive made lots of new friends and im always having a good time, and it's free!

Well teen chat helped me meet new interesting people!

IF you happen to have Oxi Clean, you can apply essentially the same technique until you run out of the stuff and it will be OK.

This information is as good as I can make it, but I do not guarantee it!

They are a lot like me just random and love to talk to each other!

Some of them are always in there so it's great to talk to them and not loose contact with anyone! I go by the name cute NASCARgirl and I love it I'm like always in there and I feel like I can tell some people everything!

Alaska It is illegal to possess a raccoon in Alaska under any circumstances.

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