Shania twain dating hockey player


Former NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman pulled the surprise maneuver of his life when he flew to North Korea in February on a Vice-sponsored trip to talk ball with leader Kim Jong Un.(For the record, Rodman called Kim a "really awesome guy" and says he plans on returning in August to continue diplomatic talks).

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It was like the 'somebody died call' from New York. Fox may have never confirmed it, but the "Kill Bill" actress reportedly had a fling with Rodman in 1997, and even took him as her date the same year for the Academy Awards.There are a number of celebrity hockey fans that are vocal about the team they support and many have been mentioned already in this therad but there are a lot of celebrities in here where people are just reaching with their assumptions based on one picture of a celebrity in a jersey.The Canucks have a handful of noteworthy celeb fans, but none of them are as outspoken about it as Michael Buble is.Some stayed married, whereas others have ended in tears.Read on to find out who your favorite country stars are married to and how their relationships have evolved.“I told anyone getting involved musically to forget about my other records,” the musician tells Rolling Stone.

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