Sophos update manager stopped updating


Screen shots attached Thanks Simon While it looks like your screenshots are from a Windows 7 system I had similar issues with a Windows XP system.

While I was investigating I found that Sophos had a false positive for its own updater files and had deleted them.

After this date, if you call Sophos Support with any issues relating specifically to SEC 5.0, then you will be told that it is unsupported and will be asked to upgrade to a supported management console version. For operating system requirements and supported SQL Server versions, see On Windows Vista/7 you can right-click on the Sophos file and select "Run as administrator".If things go wrong, please check the common problems listed below to see if they apply to you.This can be done through the Add/Remove Programs control panel (click on Start, select Control Panel and then Add/Remove Programs).You will need to reboot after uninstalling your anti-virus. Sophos Anti-Virus must be installed as a user with an Administrator account.Double click on it.4 - Click on the Sophos Shh/Updater-B false positive FIX, then click Accept.5 - You may need to reboot.

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