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use your imagination Garage sales–use your garage, shed or car boot to display your wares Guessing game–guess the weight of a new born baby, ' How many grapes in a jar?

' Head shave–get sponsored to shave or colour your hair Hire services–hire out what you do best: mow lawns, handy man, massage or even accounts In lieu–in place of a gift for any special occasion ask friends and family to donate Jigsaw marathon–get some willing people around and ask them to donate a small amount to be part of the jigsaw marathon.

Just like regular speed dating, the two parties, the non-profit and the board seeker, sat at a table in a large room and talked for a few minutes before a bell rang and everyone shifted to meet new people.

During the time together, the agencies and the candidates tried to get a feel for each other to determine if they would make a good match. First of all, I thought about it from the perspective of the non-profit, but then I remembered that this event was really more of a two-way conversation, rather than a standard, old-fashioned job interview.

The Divas Curing Teen Violence in New Orleans, Louisiana, played matchmaker and gave participants the chance to mingle for a good cause. The events were for local singles ages 25 and older, and were organized to raise money for the YOUTHanasia Foundation Inc, which creates prevention and intervention programs to cure teen violence among youth ages 13-18. There were some dating success stories as a result of the fundraiser. They were asked to return to future events to give updates.

In the first fundraiser, the Divas registered 30 eligible bachelors and the flood gates opened! The response was more than the group hoped for and they knew they were on to something. In the second speed dating fundraiser, local single males had two minutes to get to know some of the Crescent City’s loveliest bachelorettes.

talking, driving, Facebook, television Collection boxes–great for the workplace, receptions or workshops Competitions–be creative with fun competitions in the home, office or workshop e.g.This is the kind of group I’d want to be a part of.If the non-profit came to this speed date event, only because they couldn’t find anyone to join them, I’d be very worried.If you find that a narrative originated from you and credit is not adequately shown, please send us an email.We will include credit to you/your site or remove the narrative immediately - depending on your preference.Jail-and-Bail Job Cards Karaoke Night Kidnap The Pastor Kidnap The Teacher Kiss Goodbye Kissing Contest Kiss the Cow, Fish & Pig Lake Ice Melts Lazy Boy Day Library Card Lingerie Show Literacy Day Lobster Race Lottery Raffle Singing Christmas Cards Sitting Pretty Skinny Dip Skip-a-Meal Sleep Over Snail Race Snowman Poop Snowmobile Drag Race Speed Dating Spell-A-Thon Spirit Chain Squeegee Day Stair Climb Stay Home/Read Book Sticky Fly Stock In Youth Group Student/Faculty Basketball Sumo Wrestling Super Bowl Sub Sale Super Sundae Tacky Yard Target Stores Teacher Torture Teeter Totter Test Drive Text Donations Thons Tickets For Treats Time & Talents Toilet Seat Toss Topless Car Wash Touch A Truck Town Calendar Toy Auction Many of the do-it-yourself fundraising ideas included in this section were provided by individual fundraisers from around the world such as yourself, while others were gleaned from a variety of other Internet sites and news articles.

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