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The Date Nights aren’t just for singletons – I’ll also be setting up dates for couples.However the guys above were the first blind date to appear in the magazine.Federer did it for four years straight from 2004-2007, then again in 2009.

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But I was recently party to a twitter conversation between 2 such bloggers in which they lamented the possibility that they may in fact meet someone, at which stage their blogging career would effectively end.However the most success I’ve ever had at matching up blind dates so far were a couple of shags (yes genuinely!) and one where the girl got so drunk she passed out on the floor of the guy’s bathroom! At the time the date went to print, Janey and Charlie had just set up their third date 🙂 Whoop!You can check out the full details of the date here and I’ll also be doing a review soon of The Schoolhouse – the school-themed restaurant where they went for their date.If you check out this week’s copy of Time Out, there’s also a brand new blind date in the magazine 🙂 And if you’re a Londoner and you’d like to take part, feel free to get in touch at [email protected] by publications such as Look Magazine, Grazia, The London Paper, Company, Celebs on Sunday, Nuts, Glamour, Daily Mail, Time Out, French Grazia to name just a few.

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