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READ MORE: Top 5 ways Ontario government can cool the hot Toronto-area housing market“When she first introduced the idea to me, I was probably one of the only ones who really endorsed it,” he said.“It makes sense.It’s not that difficult from a financing perspective, but for some reason, people shy away because it’s a little unorthodox.”About 25 people attended the event and were given a list of questions to ask prospective buyers.It sounds like an unorthodox concept: Meeting complete strangers to see if you’re compatible to buy a house together.But as bizarre as it might sound, that’s exactly what happened on the third floor of the Toronto bar the Pilot in Yorkville on Thursday night.Photo radar is back on the table in York Region, after councillors voted to make a pitch to the province for permission to reinstate the contentious speed-enforcement system.Newmarket Mayor Tony Van Bynen said he was thinking of safety first when he put forward a motion last month that asked regional staff to come up with a proposal to send to Queen’s Park.“We have always thought it was a good idea,” he said.INCLUSIONS: * Up to 15 dates * Appetizers * A fun […] Check out these Speed Dating Tips next time you attend a Single in the City Speed Dating Event in your city!

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The company has recently made calls for app makers to design augmented reality programs for […] Dating is all about putting yourself out there and maximizing your chances of meeting that special someone.For questions about the Event email Denia, your Toronto Pre-Dating Speed Dating Coordinator or to register by phone call 647-447-6555. Unlike dating services, e Harmony will match you with people who are compatible not just on the surface, but also in the deep and important ways that truly matter in a relationship. “In my mind, it’s a technology-enabled enforcement process that makes the police services more efficient,” he said.Photo radar — which takes pictures of a speeding car’s licence plate and mails the vehicle owner a ticket — was implemented on Ontario roads for a short time in the ’90s, but support for it is split.Lesli Gaynor, the organizer of C-Harmony: Creating Co-operative Connections said the idea came to her when she watched her sons using dating apps.“I have three young men and I was thinking about their reality and thinking about all of the apps they engage with on a daily basis and one of them has …

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