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“I want to meet a stud, not a spud.” (“spud” is another word for “potato”, for those of you who aren’t farmers) You may not be a couch potato, but you could easily find yourself sitting at the computer all night, seven nights a week, looking for fellow fitness-loving singles, and only reading things that aren’t true. If fitness is your thing, if you like to run, jump, bike and be on the move, then you have a need for speed – speed dating, that is.

Fitness is a lifestyle, and that’s why we’re introducing a new type of speed dating for those of you who want to be matched up with singles who share similar fitness goals.

If you put in the effort to stay fit, then you deserve someone who shares your values.

This feature event is targeted at all you singles interested in speed dating in Toronto or surrounding areas who also enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.See also: How cover crops and chitting practices benefit spud growers Crops will have to be split at harvesting and then treated or treatment left until grading.The latter option may lead to more crops affected with dry rot in the future.Spud mentioned that his great-grandfather used to be a magician, albeit apparently not a very good one.Spud is a 2005 novel by South African author, actor, playwright and producer, John van de Ruit.I always enjoyed tinkering with things." In 1978 he moved into sales, travelling along the west coast of Cumbria, selling tractors and excavators and developing relationships with his customers.

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