Sql server lock table while updating


Do you think it’s a good idea to add UPDLOCK hint to the table which will be modified in an update query?Many people will say NO because it seems to be redundant.Tmporarily you can use the following: SET DEADLOCK_PRIORITY but for finding the deadlock cause use the SQL Server Profiler's Create Trace Wizard to run the "Identify The Cause of a Deadlock" trace.

(without lockin the other rows, so that other connections can work with the rest of the table) I've found this There is usually no need to add lock hints in day to day code.

I also don't remember if this trace flag applies to all connections, so I always run it with trace flags 3605 and -1:dbcc traceon (2605, 1204, -1).

Profiler is a tool that comes when you install the server's client tool.

which takes time' update My Signal set Description = ' Value 2' where ID = 72057594038910976 rollback At the beginning of the code, a transaction is started.

Row with ID = 72057594038910976 is locked with X lock by the update statement.

Let’s create the small table and insert 1 row there and next check the locks we have. Now let’s insert another row in the different session (let’s keep the original Session 1 transaction uncommitted).

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