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The Latest Buzz is a Canadian teen sitcom from Decode Entertainment aired on the Family Channel, the series ran from September 1, 2007 to April 19, 2010.

This is Family Channel's first original multi-camera sitcom.

In gaydom, that usually means transforming a random stud into […] Corrective Rape against LGBT persons As we close out Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), we’d like to draw your attention to a topic that is widely not discussed and often misunderstood.

Specifically, we’re talking about: […] Should the gay community go back to cruising?

When people think about the leather community we think of certain expectations and stereotypes. […] Become a better top through archery By: Gus in Nebraska Ive always viewed topping another guy as a competitive sport. Second, there’s the issue of figuring out […] Released from jail In the winter of this year, gay adult film star Cameron Diggs was arrested in Dallas, Texas for allegedly manufacturing and reportedly delivering 1,600 grams of crystal meth amphetamine.

We forget that each person in leather is still a […] Get The Gays? The Republican mayor of Lancaster, California is looking for gays and Asians to take up space in his town.

She and Wilder have chemistry, despite being major opposites.

Follow Rebecca, Michael, Noah, Amanda and Wilder as they learn about the fast-paced world of publishing, all while living the fast-paced life of a teenager.

Episode 01 - The Dating Issue While Rebecca and Amanda's friendship goes through a fight, Noah gives a singer a bad review. Episode 01 - The Dating Issue While Rebecca and Amanda's friendship goes through a fight, Noah gives a singer a bad review.

As LGBTQ life becomes more accepted in the mainstream, the number of primarily gay spaces have thinned out.

As we have become reliant on sites like Grindr […] Their faces were sprayed over local media Apparently because the Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood thought it was a serious priority, he directed his army of officers to swoop into four public parks and arrest […] From An Abusive Relationship, To HIV Positive, To a Community Leader.

You don’t need to keep a stopwatch by your phone and respond exactly 32 minutes and 17 seconds later though; just ballpark it. ” It intimidates boys when girls come on too strong, so play it cool and subtly indicate to him that you’re interested.

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