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But generally speaking, a person who is in the right relationship is going to be happy.

So if you find yourself unhappy much of the time – and especially when you’re with your partner – then that’s a fairly clear sign that this may not be the best person for you.

In addition to feeling happy, a person in a good relationship usually has a positive self esteem.

I know I enjoy being with you and I’d love to go away and have some fun.Figuring Out Your Priorities Evaluating Your Relationship Looking for Warning Signs Making Your Decision Community Q&A Finding the right guy can be challenging.Once you start dating someone, you should ask yourself important questions to determine whether he’s right for you.Remember, it’s far different than sleeping over at her place. Something telling you that maybe this person you’re spending time with isn’t the best person for you to be with? That your current relationship isn’t what you had dreamed for yourself?Then there’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” In the case of these two reality TV shows, we don’t know who’s after all. We all know movies, reality TV and novels don’t reflect real life. There’s more to a satisfying relationship than finding the right person. It’s this undervalued side of the equation that keeps romance romantic.

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