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Get the latest version of Twitter for Android from the Google Play app store!

If you’re having trouble installing the latest Twitter for Android app, check to see how much space is available on your phone.

Recently, Twitter announced not only an update to their i Phone and i Pad apps, but also the Android, too. Part of the New Business Manifesto is to update ourselves constantly as entrepreneurs.

However, by far the biggest change was the introduction of a new header photo, which gives all of us instant brand building potential, with some decent real estate being utilized to help us express ourselves, our businesses and our brands a little easier.

At first, I thought that I just had a poor connection, but after using the app with Wi-Fi turned on, it became clear that this was a big ol’ bug: Since Twitter has been streamlining all of its apps, and site, it’s a glaring issue when one of the four tabs don’t work.

While no timeframe is being offered, and Twitter hasn’t made an official statement on the issue, it’s safe to say that the beautiful redesign that the Android app received is overshadowed by these issues.

It’s not affecting all devices, but this tweet search shows it as being pretty widespread.

You’re presented with a blank screen and a small spinner, with no information or message that says that the service is having any problems.

I’ve decided to make mine just a plain background focused on my brand colors, but you can include any image here.Twitter rolled out sweeping updates to all of its mobile properties this week, mostly to support the new Twitter Cards, but unfortunately, those who are using the service on Android aren’t so happy.The app has always been a bit buggy on the Android platform, but the issues that are being reported are more than just a little problematic.If I tweet a new message immediately after the timeline widget loads in webview (within 20-30 seconds), the twitter timeline widget will automatically update the new twitter feed.However, if I leave it idle for roughly 40seconds to 1 minute, and then tweet a new message, it'll never get updated anymore. //***** Creating twitter webview ***** string webscript = "[TWITTER GENERATED WIDGET TIMELINE CODE GOES HERE]"; Web View wv = new Web View(this); //***** Perform webview settings ***** Settings()Java Script Enabled(true); Settings()Loads Images Automatically(true); Settings()Allow Universal Access From File URLs(true); Settings()Enable Smooth Transition(true); /* !!!!! Step 5 – Fix up your regular text and link text colors.

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