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Because Two's Company is all about quality, rather than quantity, we spend time finding the right person for you to date.

I know plenty of people who like me, are looking for a second chance and I will absolutely be dropping into the conversation.I just wanted you to know how happy you have made us, the wedding will be in January….cannot wait!!!!! Thank you so much for all the hard work, keep it up for all the other single people out there.If you can make them half as happy as we are you will be doing an amazing job.“A few of my friends had been on dating websites, but I didn’t like the idea of being in a shop window where everybody could look at your photo.I had heard some bad experiences of internet dating, but I liked the idea of the introductions agency because it was very discreet.” Having been in two serious long-term relationships, Thomas found himself single while most of his friends had settled down with partners and young families.Old-fashioned matchmaking agencies such as Intro, Two’s Company, Top Match, Singlelista and the Cork-based Two Hearts Meet have all spotted the opportunity to provide introduction services to people who are either fed up or too busy to keep trying.

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