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Despite these legalities, there is a flourishing underground gay scene in the UAE, primarily bolstered by expatriates.

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In November, the Federal Supreme Court sentenced Osama al-Najjar to three years in prison for tweeting about the mistreatment of his father and other political prisoners while in detention.

Dubai is an amazing city that offers a never-ending array of fabulous opportunities to expats. Scribblelicious I started off as a shy blogger and months later, to a slightly more adventurous writer.

A mum of an infant, a Malaysian Chinese wife to a geeky Aussie! Foo Diva With Dubais burgeoning dining scene, and a real gap in the market for a blog dedicated to impartial, intelligent restaurant reviews, Foo Diva brings you her very own critique on where to dine, what ...

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) maintains an authoritarian grip on both politics and telecommunications.

The country’s two mobile phone and internet service providers are either directly or indirectly owned by the state, reflecting a lack of checks and balances when it comes to surveillance and government requests to companies to hand over their customers’ personal data.

Although the law centers on information technology, it has detrimental implications for both traditional journalism published online and citizen journalism.

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