Updating guild portal roster after logging off world of warcraft

Luckily, both can be accessed and used in seconds so you can leave your guild right away, before things get too awkward. NET Code to implement a guild roster for World of Warcraft (Wo W).Events I was invited to did not show up with it loaded. The problem is 100% reproducible with just Guild Professions v1 loading and logging off/on instead of just reloading the UI (reloading the UI doesn't affect it).

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More information is available in the Armory Import FAQ.

If you want it I could send it to you by email (contact me at Originally posted by Zidomo Actually, with extensive testing here, invites not showing up in the Blizzard Calendar had everything to do with Guild Professions (v1 at least).

(...) [/i]As to other mods, Notes UNeed & Unicode Font (both from Curse) cause (1st mod) or used to cause (2nd mod) this exact same problem. It could seem that if the guild UI is loaded early, then its tie to the calendar UI isn't established correctly, which then causes issues with the events not showing correctly, so in other words two separate sub-systems of the UI interacting with each other in an unexpected way if some "magic condition" isn't present.

For stored characters, it stores basic character demographic information and all stats/reps.

Additionally, it allows for association of mains/alts, and tracking back to DNN users.

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