Updating linux kernel headers


This article describes two different installation methods: It is assumed that you already have Oracle Linux 5 or 6 installed and you are running either the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 1 (2.6.32) or the Red Hat–compatible kernel (2.6.18 on Oracle Linux 5, 2.6.32 on Oracle Linux 6).

Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 can be installed on Oracle Linux 5 Update 8 or newer, as well as on Oracle Linux 6 Update 2 or newer.

If you want to know list of Kernel releases for Ubuntu, then you should to go the site lake are List or Check Installed Linux Kernels. There you will be able to see Kernels for other Linux distributions also, but to see for Ubuntu, just scroll page down.

The installer will create a "Virtual Box" group in the Windows "Start" menu which allows you to launch the application and access its documentation.

I was able to get a 10g database up and running on this little PC without a problem.

The primary function of kernel is to act as mediator in-between Application – CPU, Application – Memory and Application – Devices (I/O).

Switching is easy—applications and the operating system remain unchanged.

There is no need to perform a full re-install; only the relevant RPM packages are replaced.

This article describes how you can update your Oracle Linux systems to the latest version of the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel.

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