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That is, all three are useful for dealing with the sorts of data that we need from third parties or users that may not always be supplied in the format required by our applications—things like phone numbers, capitalized names, currencies, zip codes, and ISBN numbers.

The Flex Framework provides two powerful tools to integrate this type of parsing and formatting with the UI elements of the Framework in the is an event dispatcher object that checks a field within any Flex control to ensure that the value submitted falls within its set parameters.

I couldn’t find any great examples on the internet so I am posting the code to validate multiple fields with one validator.

Say I have a phone-number validator in flex and I have two Text Input controls for phone numbers.

A reference to the object which manages all of the application's localized resources.

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I obviously wanted to use one validator for all of the email addresses since they all need to be validated the same way.For example, we have three fields: field1, field2, field3, we want to add "Require at least one of several fields" on those fields.Then we need add this validator to field1, on the validation rule config page, enter group name, such as "group_name_1".How can I use the same validator on multiple control?(or any equivalent solution) Not inline, but you can perform the validation programmatically, say, on submission of a form, or when a user tabs out of a control, etc.Value of the source property" property="No default" required="true|false" required Field Error="This field is required." source="No default" trigger="Value of the source property" trigger Event="value Commit" / property.

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