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Carrie Bradshaw could have gotten a season’s worth of material, at least, about this very question.This is all a long-winded way of setting up this: Britney Spears broke up with her boyfriend and then deleted all of her Instagrams that he appeared in.She reportedly asked if she could take the photograph on her phone, and Harris was “shocked” when she posted it on her own account.A conscious effort to assert her new single status? An innocuous Instagram post with no intent or motive whatsoever (if such a thing exists)? Just team any of them with a black dress to channel Britney's date night look!Britney Spears and model Sam Asghari are fueling more dating rumors!

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"I’m fine with the way I am.”Spears said that her friends still try and set her up - although she finds dating difficult and hasn't been on many successful dates.As far as designer shoe brands are concerned, Christian Louboutin rule their roost thanks to their instantly recognisable red soles which have become iconic in the fashion world.We love Britney's peep-toe numbers which make a fab eveningwear option.Meanwhile, Spears posted a somewhat out-of-character shot over the weekend—before the split-news broke, and before she scrubbed Ebersol from her Instagram—of her posing on a boat with a guy who, if you squint, kind of looks like a younger, alternate-universe version of Bradley Cooper. Nothing like Louisiana boys,” she captioned the shot.In retrospect, this should have been a clear sign that something was up.)TMZ, in a report this morning, claims the tank-topped, be-capped individual is “not her new boyfriend.” He is allegedly a “local boat handler named Harris,” who asked Spears for a picture.That same month, Britney claimed on "The Jonathan Ross Show" that she was not dating anyone, saying, "A lot of men are about games.

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