Who is jake t austin dating now


Let's hear out the details and who knows if you are one of like Danielle to have your dream come true.

You might wish to learn how Danielle got the hot Disney star right?

It's fine.) And keep your hands raised if you have ever tweeted at or left an Instagram comment on your famous boyfriend or girlfriend's profile in a way that could only be described as "thirsty." Yeah, us, too.

So while we can now only see duo's relationship through the lens of Jake's social media accounts, it's clear that at some point, their romance went from one-sided to 100 over the course of a few years.

Luckily, she got to meet him in 2011 at Planet Hollywood. Let's look at her tweets she has posted for her beau Jake back in time while she was just a fan!

The 22 years old Danielle is a college student and a native of New York.

She became obsessed with Jake in 2009 and she started following him on Twitter.

Ceasar continued tweeting at the Austin through his time on The Fosters.

Austin left the show in the middle of Season 3 and is now between projects.

I’m sure a lot of tweens and teens know him, and maybe some of mothers-of-tweens too.

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