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But that didn’t stop tongues from wagging about money troubles and infidelity being the leading causes of the breakup.

Much of the gossip centers around who hunky Ed Hartwell is dating now.

A source close to Lisa’s camp tells us that Ed moved out of their home in June of this year — but he didn’t go far.

Let’s just say he lives so he can maintain his relationship with his son.

Lisa Wu and Keshia Knight Pulliam may have married the same man, but don't expect the two ladies to bond over their soon-to-be shared ex-husband.

Wu and Pulliam are currently at odds after the "Cosby" actress took to her radio podcast, "Kandidly Keshia," to address rumors that she stole her now estranged husband, Ed Hartwell, from her "friend" Wu.

Caroll was dating Hartwell while he was still married to Pulliam and, Ward-Henlet said, was upset when she learned in June 2016 that Pulliam was pregnant by Hartwell.

The revelation is included in new documents filed by Pulliam as part of her ongoing divorce proceedings and custody battle with Hartwell over their two-month-old daughter Ella.

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Damia Ward-Henley, who in court papers describes herself as a friend of Hartwell and Tonya Carroll, alleged Carroll told her 'she wanted to get something that would cause someone to have a miscarriage,' TMZ reported Wednesday.She's also the same old Lisa—a mom trying to balance it all."I love facials, massages, yoga and meditation," Lisa recently told Mommmynoire.Lisa, who was divorced from first husband Keith Sweat, with whom she has two older boys, had moved on with NFL player Ed Hartwell by the time premiered in 2008.On the show, we saw her as a successful businesswoman with a real estate firm as well as jewelry, baby and clothing lines.1 in particular she asked me 2participate &bring my then husband to her 'then' fiance 2 their sex talk show in which we taped an episode. I have never did a sit down extensive interview on any public platform on my private issues...

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