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In fact, his twin brother jokingly told him he should probably practice doing a grateful loser face rather than write an acceptance speech. That's why he loves the Emmys, "an opportunity like this where I'm definitely not Elliot!

"Watch Malek's interview above for his thoughts on the Best Drama Actor race and more about his family bonding time.

From mailrooms to hostess gigs to being a personal assistant, Giuliana did it all before she ever got her foot in the door at E! But when she finally landed herself a position at the network, it wasn’t all smooth sailing: “I was fired shortly after I was hired because some people at the network thought I was a little too rough around the edges.

But ultimately, it was that irreverence that landed me the lead anchor position.” Since then, Giuliana has made huge leaps in her career, has became a mom, and fought a brave battle against breast cancer.

Under the deal, Rancic will remain anchor and managing editor of “E!

After moving to America from Italy during childhood, Giuliana credits learning the English language by watching local news each night, sparking her interest in becoming a television host.“We would love to have another child,” she tells PEOPLE.“It’s always a conversation we have and it’s something we definitely would love to do.star to wish the late-night host a happy birthday, the actress was less than thrilled."Your birthday is in four days. personality told the actress they were compiling a mix of birthday messages for Fallon. A.," the Chicago-based TV personality and author said. But of course, today I tried on this great, beaded, dark gown with sleeves." on Thursday. We’ll work on alterations on Saturday and have [the dress] early Sunday. And while we style-crush on her, she'll be doing the same for some of TV's leading ladies. "[Ne Ne] is quick witted, so sharp, so funny," Giulana gushes.

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