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How to Calculate the Future Value of an Investment Using Excel.

Using Microsoft Excel to calculate the future value of a potential investment is a relatively simple task once you have learned the required formula's syntax.

This post is not intended to introduce those concepts and therefore is intended for FIM practitioners more so than Share Point professionals new to FIM.

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The service management team acquired a new mind-set and array of tools.

This screen tip design helps you know which values to input.

Enter the interest rate you think the investment should achieve (rate), divided by the number of times per year you expect to make deposits into the investment account.

They are now accountable for ensuring end-to-end service quality and user satisfaction for the email service.

As users' mailboxes were migrated, the duties of the service management team at Microsoft IT changed from managing an Exchange On-Premises service to managing a hybrid service with Office 365 Exchange Online.

Following are current Position Requirements and the Opportunities using those requirements.

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