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Most importantly, parents need to know that this game is conducted online and may involve chatting with unknown players.Also, parents should set time limits for gameplay: With endless exploration and no clearly defined levels, it is easy to get hooked.While you may speak your opinion of someone, you may not swear at them or use name-calling. If you dwell on or continue fighting with others, you will be silenced or removed from chat.Fighting between users often disturbs the other users and causes them to leave chat or avoid the shoutboxes.Chat is the primary form of text-based communications in World of Warcraft. As part of our ongoing effort to provide the best service and security we possibly can, we have introduced a new Game Master chat interface!

Should you possess any questions regarding this new feature, please do not hesitate to ask. Now, when a Game Master contacts you, a special notification will appear in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, just to the left of your standard Mini-Map and above your beneficial Buff bar.a good way to have with only a video-chat all the world near you.This video-chat is a good alternative to try to spend your time in tranquility and carefree.Enter these in your chat window for the desired effect. Type /chat or /chathelp for a list of chat commands. /v help /v inc /v charge /v flee /v attack /v oom /v fol /v wait /v heal /v cheer /v fire /v rasp Enter these in your chat window for desired effect. Agree Amaze Angry Apologize Applaud Applause Beckon Beg Belch Bite Bleed Blink Blood Blow Blush Boggle Bonk Bored Bounce Bow BRB Burp Bye Cackle Calm Cat Catty Cheer Chew Chicken Chuckle Clap Cold Comfort Confused Congrats Congratulate Cough Cower Crack Cringe Cry Cuddle Curious Curt Curtsey Dance Disappointed Doh Doom Drink Drool Duck Eat Eye Farewell Fart Fear Feast Fidget Flap Flex Food Frown Gasp Gaze Giggle Glad Glare Gloat Goodbye Greet Greetings Grin Groan Grovel Guffaw Hail Happy Hello Hi Hug Hungry Impatient Insult Introduce JK Kiss Kneel Knuckles Lavish Lay Laydown Lick Lie Liedown Listen Mad Massage Moan Mock Moon Mourn No Nod Nosepick Panic Peer Peon Pest Pick Plead Point Poke Ponder Pounce Praise Pray Purr Puzzled Question Raise Rdy Ready Rear Roar Rude Salute Scratch Sexy Shake Shimmy Shindig Shiv Shiver Shoo Shrug Shy Sigh Sit Slap Sleep Smell Smirk Snarl Snicker Sniff Snub Sob Soothe Sorry Spit Spoon Stare Stink Strong Strut Surprised Surrender Talk Talk Ex Talk Q Tap Taunt Tease Thank Thanks Thirsty Threat Tickle Threaten Tired TY Veto Victory Volunteer Wave Weep Welcome Whine Whistle Wicked Wickedly Work Wrath Yawn Yay Note that you can cycle through commands with similar starting letters by typing, for example, /a and then hitting the tab button to cycle through the commands that start with a. In wowchat will have a time of 4 seconds before you choose to stay with the same partner or whether to go on to the next.

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