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Though on my opinion that's not the only thing we do now when joining. (it is more realistic if the term buddy-buddy or close/best friend means in the context of CLP that “we are not yet ready to reveal the truth”. BTS 1 & 2.25 Nov - HK promotion in Hsinchu.26 Nov - HK promotion in Tainan.27 Nov - HK cast attend "Kang Xi Lai Le", the two kiss because of a mistaken favorite dish.28 Nov - Charity event.01 Dec - HK cast attend "Lian Ai Bai Fen Bai" (aka. Please help me get over of such hyperness of repeating all of your names for my indi replies to you. Didn't actually notice at all that I was visible under the online list. I would be really excited if a big star caught their eye on my art work so congrats to you. Make sure also to get ready, fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the roller coaster ride of CE! But one thing I love with CE, though they say that they're just buddies or friends, they don't stop in giving us endless hints that suggest THEY ARE LOVERS! (am_starstruck2CE)Butt - This is CE's favorite part to each other. 100% Entertainment), Ella chooses Chun as her ideal boyfriend. Looks like you have good luck with stars since Chun took notice of your artwork and your posts about Okinawa before.

It really hurt her when she knew that she had no chance at all to begin with. done by, MMS Gui's mother marry Aaron's father when Gui is18 years old and Aaron is 19 years old.During this party, his attention was focused solo on the food, not on the people around him. BTS from Tank's Album 1 & 227 Jan - FLH as guests in SHE's "Yi Dong Cheng Bao" concert.29 Jan - HK press conference in Singapore, the infamous smack-heard-around-spores happened. Seeing CE vids such as those literally completes my day. They're a sweet couple and I hope they'll go through with the marriage. had very hectic life just before the fasting month till now .the way , though I haven't post anything , I've always lurk in this thread and am very grateful to all our beloved Angels that post dilligently so that we can be here by now ... But it was not long before the two had the chance to work together. Ella was hyper and Chun, being new to the entertainment industry, was quiet and shy. Full 1 & 2.29 Jan - HK promo on YES 93.3 FM.29 Jan - HK promo in Singapore, Tampines Mall.01 Feb - Filming for Chinese New Years Special program (Summer X Summer vs. I wish CE can openly display their happiness together too. .actually , I've just logged in and checked out ... have just read something that actually made me smile ... oh , I'm soo happy that Chun updated his album with those pictures of the chubby cute baby ...ekekee.. Sichuan occured a huge earthquake, many have died or injured, Wuzun was in Shanghai filming "Kungfu Butterfly", even though he wasn't in the disaster area, he had deep feelings, everyday he saw the news broadcast of the disaster area with people loosing family members, makes him think even more of his family, so with the few days Fahrenheit films an ad in Malaysia, Wuzun no matter what must go to Brunei.The sports drink ad lately has not broadcasted his version, the management company says, Wuzun and Ella each filmed an ad, originally they were going to alternate broadcasting, even with this time of matter it ties to some relationship, that is really too boring.Chun Wu is in love with Rainie Yang but alas, he's also in love with Ella Chen, the witch.

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