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Le redko sva prekoračila to mejo, večinoma le na Japonskem, ki je bila najina zadnja država in kjer je bila najina mantra ““. Seveda je to strošek za oba in vključuje čisto vse stroške posameznega dne: prenočišče, prevoze, hrano, oglede, zabavo …

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She did a nursing diploma because her A levels were not good enough to be a doctor and became a staff nurse at London's University College Hospital.

David Pittman, 615-327-2630, 333 21st Ave N, Nashville 37203 Dr.

Kristin Rushing, 615-331-9033, 4809 Trousdale Dr, Nashville 37220 Dr.

Obviously you’re great pals in real life but you also work together, so is that a work or a personal call?

I mean we could fundamentally be talking about The Xtra Factor, which we do quite a lot, so technically it’s a business call, but for the sake of a couple of quid it’s not worth it. I left my wallet at home so I had to borrow £20 off me tour manager and because I signed a couple of autographs for the chef he gave me £6 off.


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