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Booking to the Hypogeum is advisable as the site is restricted with the amount of visitors in order to ensure its conservation.

Before exploring Valletta, the Malta Experience will give you a good insight to Malta’s history, a 50 minute audio visual covering 7000 years of Malta’s history, a show not to be missed.

It has no mountains or rivers but simply a series of hills with terraced fields on the slopes.

The Maltese summers enjoy the warm glow of sunshine for up to 12 hours per day (or more! Daytime temperatures are often moderated by cooling sea breezes, but in spring and autumn a very hot wind from Africa occasionally brings unseasonally high temperatures and humidity.

This is known as the Sirocco or, in Maltese, the Xlokk - where the air is generally drier because of the short sea track from the African coast.

June is an excellent time of year to come as the summer season is just getting into full swing and it is not too hot.

This is also the busiest time of the year when the island is wonderfully brimming with nightlife and tourists.

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The village in itself is to a large extent adorned with houses and buildings of historical value dating to the 15th and 16th centuries.

Marsaxlokk village is located in the south-eastern part of Malta which is famous for its big Sunday fish market and its many decorative “eyed” painted boats called Luzzus.

The village has around 3200 inhabitants and in the past, most of the inhabitants worked as fishermen.

LC Website: Ignatius Farrugia Żurrieq is one of the oldest towns in Malta, and has a population of 10,500 inhabitants (Nov 2011). The first documentation about it being a parish dates back to 1436 dedicated to St. The island of Filfla is administratively a part of the town. We find the first historical reference of this village back in 1400.

The town strecthes from In Nigret to Hal far respectively in old times the town was a border with Zejtun. The villages of Hal Lew, Hal Millieri, Hal Manin, Bubaqra, Hal Far, Nigret and Qrendi used to make part of the village itself, until in 1618 the village of Qrendi became a village of its own while the others dissolved in a natural way with their area now making an integral part of the village perimeter.

Malta enjoys a very appealing climate, the perfect reason to pack your bags and enjoy the heart-warming glow of sunshine!

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