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Wilson isn’t the only one who finds Chat Roulette fascinating.

New York magazine has also written about the bizarre glimpses of humanity it provides, and so has Bobbie Johnson at The Guardian.

He reminds me of many great young entrepreneurs we’ve worked with and his story sounds so familiar.

In a response to a comment from someone who describes Chat Roulette as “not investable” because of the random adult content, however, Wilson says he agrees, but that he still wants to talk to the young man who started it about his ideas.

A new web chat service called Chat Roulette has been getting a lot of attention of late, in part because it’s about as raw and unfiltered a form of social media possible: not just chat with random strangers (something that Twitter and other tools also allow), but chat with random strangers. Naked guy.” If nothing else, this raw and unfiltered experience has gotten Chat Roulette plenty of attention — and not just from the media, but from one of the web’s best-known investors, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures.

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